Living sustainably isn't even that dull or difficult. On the contrary: conscious and sustainable consumption can even be great fun. With these simple tips and tricks from sustainability expert Thekla Wilkening, everyday life becomes a sustainability zone in no time at all.

  1. Does your day start with coffee? Here you can act sustainably quite easily by relying on fair and sustainably produced coffee . You can see that from the seal on the packaging. no seal? This could mean that it may not have been produced fairly either. But informing and asking questions always helps – so simply contact the manufacturer. So you can enjoy your morning coffee with a clear conscience.

  2. In the bathroom: save water . Because water is a scarce commodity, even if this is hard to imagine in Germany. Nevertheless, the increasingly hot summers could soon change this in this country as well. In addition, hot water always means energy and thus higher costs. The ultimate tip: take a cold shower. This is not only good for the environment, but also for the circulatory system, the blood circulation and the wallet.

  3. Speaking of the bathroom, solid shampoos , bars of soap , and bamboo toothbrushes avoid plastic waste . Unfortunately, this is not always recycled, but also incinerated or exported abroad. That's why we should avoid plastic waste where we can.

  4. Off to the office, by bike . Because cycling is always good: for you, for the environment and for your calves.

  5. Whether in the home office or in the office: after the radical switch to video calls in lockdown, they have become an integral part of our everyday work. It makes sense, since business meetings in particular make up a considerable proportion of short-haul flights, which have had a major impact on our climate. But Zoom, Teams and Co. also generate additional CO2, as immense amounts of data are produced. In particular, of course, through the video transmission. So if possible pick up the phone or turn off the camera, that reduces the footprint by up to 96 percent . A nice side effect: although we don't see our counterpart (or maybe because of that), the more entertaining conversations often arise on the phone. They can also be ended more elatedly than the classic “End session for everyone” button. Not to mention that we can go for a walk and stick our noses in the sun.

  6. Speaking of going for a walk: To stay healthy, the WHO recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week , almost 5 times a week for 30 minutes each. Because that not only ensures our own well-being, but also helps to perceive our environment more consciously.

  7. Back home? Boil pasta water with the kettle . Saves energy and goes faster.

  8. Speaking of pasta: By the way, pesto can be made from almost anything that is otherwise thrown away, such as carrot greens, lettuce that is no longer so crispy and much more. In addition, herbs last forever if you keep them in a sealed jar in the fridge. This is how you can easily conjure up a zero-waste meal from leftovers. And what if you want a piece of chicken to go with it? Not bad either. Just make sure it's not factory farmed. Go organic instead and make sure you have a fresh organic lemon to garnish. You know, less is more.

  9. By the way, while the pasta water is boiling, you have enough time to get involved politically: by choosing your own electricity provider. If you are not already using green electricity , get advice and switch. This is because you are contributing to greater use and an increase in the demand for renewable energies. And if all citizens use green electricity, politicians can no longer justify sticking to coal-fired electricity until 2038

  10. Tooth cleaning tools such as brushes, dental floss and the like are now also available from renewable resources . We don't need the old nylon stuff (a product made from petroleum) anymore

  11. Pull all cables out of the sockets , because your cell phone charger, for example, is still drawing electricity in standby mode: According to dena (German Energy Agency), 115 euros can be saved per year if all devices in the apartment are unplugged from the socket when they are not needed. And there we have it again: being good for the environment is also good for us

  12. Don't take your phone to bed with you : saves energy and lets you sleep better. Better read another page. From my book for example.

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