5 eco-friendly Valentine's gifts for you and yourself

Ok, self-love is trending. We say: all the better! And on the occasion of this Valentine's Day, we once again break the lance for even more self-love! Here you will find five sustainable finds curated by us, with which you can give yourself a really nice present - on Valentine's Day. And beyond.

Let's talk about eco-friendly sex! 

Yes, sure. Sex toys are so 80s... We love the 80s! Other Nature offers a particularly great range - a feminist, queer-oriented, environmentally friendly, vegan sex shop from Berlin-Kreuzberg. "We are not your average sex shop. Bring your mother with you" - we say that ourselves. Take a look, convince yourself, give yourself a gift! 

Support your local flower dealer. 

Good for all moods: flowers. We recommend treating yourself to a large bouquet of your favorite flowers at your local florist on Valentine's Day. Did we say on Valentine's Day? We meant every day! Pssst: Our trusted flower dealer is located in the middle of Hamburg's Sternschanze . 

Woody Allen would be proud! 

If you prefer to spend Valentine's Day at home wrapped in blankets, the Mubi film portal is the place for you. Nothing like Netflix, Amazon and Co.: The film experts at Mubi recommend one hand-picked cult film and one classic per day - 365 days a year. You can then stream it for 30 days. And look forward to something new every day. 

Make your future female. 

Attention all men: This recommendation is absolutely unisex! Because membership in Edition F's Female Future Force Academy is something very special for both women and men: thanks to digital coaching, services and features from top experts, it helps you to grow personally and become stronger. 

Keep Calm. Wear lip balm. 

Yes, February is Valentine's Day. We know... But February is mostly cold. And you can't use chapped lips without a partner. Our 100% natural All Natural Moroccan Mint Lip Balm helps against this . And just in case you still want to cuddle, our balm makes your lips soft and tender.

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