5 Things that are better in XXL

Alright, we're playing with a very obvious and polarizing ambiguity here. But seriously, there are actually a lot of things where more is more. The ones that there should be more in the world and that you just can't get enough of. Those who prove that size can be everything in life. And that is exactly what the following blog article is about. 


Sounds trite, but we don't care. Because with the current news situation you could get the feeling that everything used to be better and today everything is only going to get worse. Whether natural disasters, wars, poverty in old age, tax increases, Trump - the world seems to be out of joint. We stick with the Beatles: "All you need is love". No, not everything can be solved with charity. But a lot can be done together. And only together. So feel free to call us naive, but one thing we definitely need more of is love. 


Almost everyone knows this message: "Your disk space is almost full". And that uneasy feeling in my stomach that comes with it. How about the backup again? cloud, which cloud? And before you know it, you delete the last holiday videos and hope that you have a few days until the next push notification. So what you definitely can't have enough of is: enough storage space. Stop procrastination. Make an update, take care of more storage space. And don't let yourself be reminded of the update tonight anymore. Just do it. Now. 


Attention, now it's getting uncomfortable for a moment: According to the WHO and UNICEF, 2.1 billion people still have no access to safe and clean water at home. Just under 663 million - one in ten - were still drinking water from unsafe sources in 2017 and around 2.6 billion have no access to sanitation facilities. In addition, according to forecasts, by 2050 there will already be more plastic waste than fish in the sea. What we will all need more of in the future: water. And clean, safe. What do we have to do for it? Protect it, save it and share it fairly. We can make our contribution every day – on a small and large scale.  


Don't worry, we interpret "Rest in Peace" a little differently: namely with peaceful rest. According to studies, permanent stress can have an effect on our health: from rapid breathing, palpitations, tense muscles, elevated blood sugar and cholesterol levels to depression, the range is wide. Whether you treat yourself to a three-week break in Bali, attend a yoga class or curl up in bed with a meditation app - relaxation is essential for us. So please more of this! 


Sounds trivial, but laughter is healthy: it lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and digestion, can reduce the sensation of pain and gets the circulation going. When you laugh, you move around 80 muscles at the same time (we classify that under sport!). But according to researchers, we adults only get 15 “laughs” a day, children 300-400. That's not possible, we definitely need more reasons to laugh - and that's exactly why we've curated our favorite and funniest memes for you: 

Link Kiwi Image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/47/9e/cf/479ecf3d971326c9380b3476f0dc874a.jpg  

Seal picture via @Memes: https://www.instagram.com/p/B79We6jFM6r/?igshid=drdwdd0aoeil 

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