5 tips for a green festival summer

1. Let's dance in the rain 

Rain? We're not all made of sugar! But made of cornstarch: Because even a rain shower can't stop you from dancing, our friends from Josanto offer organic rain ponchos that keep you dry and don't pollute the environment. Made from cornstarch, these things are not only practical, but also completely compostable.   

2. Throw love around like confetti 

We love confetti! But who clears away all the scraps of paper afterwards? Machdichbunt.de provides the colorful solution: biodegradable, water-soluble confetti. It's not only fun, it also automatically disappears from the festival site when it first rains - without polluting the environment.   

3. Say no to disposable dishes 

Vegan bratwurst, halloumi and co. should not be missing at any festival. But while the food on the grill is eaten quickly, plastic cups, paper plates and the like are still on this earth for many, many years. The bamboo tableware set from EuroTrail offers a sustainable alternative to disposable tableware . This not only looks great, but is also made from compostable bamboo fibers and corn starch. 

4. Rainbows in a bubble 

Who says soap bubbles are just for kids? We think everyone should be chasing a few little round mini rainbows every once in a while. If the beautiful bubbles are then also organic like from Sonett , the whole thing is twice as fun! 

5. Shower quick, keep your mind dirty 

Dancing in the rain can be grooming enough. Fair Enough! For those who want a little more care, we recommend our All Natural Festival Kit . The ideal natural cosmetic set consisting of toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. And a biodegradable button that invites you to shower together outdoors. 

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