5 Zero-waste bathroom essentials

A quick check to see if anyone was looking and ... bang - another empty bottle of shampoo was thrown in the trash. Don't worry, you're no longer a lone perpetrator in Germany. Around 220 kg of packaging waste ends up in the bucket in Germany per man (and woman). Yeah, once again the front runner in a European comparison! Just that it's not about the European Championship title, but about our environment - Dedöm! The good news: With just a few tips and tricks, you can convert your bathroom to environmentally friendly alternatives. We introduce you to five products that you can invite to the loo with a clear conscience:


Sorry, we had to steal it ;) But no, we're not going to open the jar and we're not getting involved at all! But one thing is certain: Cups, i.e. menstrual cups, are the accessory of 2020, for example from Ruby Cup . Simple to use (and flooopp, used), to clean (simply rinse with water and boil in water for 20 minutes after each period) and above all effective in avoiding waste: According to Utopia.de, there are an estimated five menstrual cups in the course of a lifetime about 17,000 disposable pads and tampons. Plus: Many providers donate part of the proceeds! 


How do you explain to your child later why you found it normal to use cotton swabs with plastic handles? Because no matter how small the chopsticks may be, they weigh a lot: together with disposable tableware, drinking straws and the like, up to 40,000 tons of them end up in the garbage every year, according to the Association of the Plastics Industry Association (IK). And now the good news: there have long been sustainable alternatives. For example made of fluffy organic cotton and bamboo from HYDROPHIL . 


Yes, the female (but also male) colleagues among us can tell you a thing or two about it: During the lock-down phase, the razor stayed untouched for several days - if not weeks. And so it's not just the first rays of sunshine that are slowly tickling us... But before we resort to disposable razors again, it's worth taking a look at the sustainable alternatives. For example with zero-waste safety razors like those from EcoYou . Admittedly, the name "razor" doesn't sound so incredibly skin-friendly. They still work – and they are non-reusable. 


In the course of our lives, we Germans use an average of 3,600 rolls of toilet paper at our toilets – that corresponds to around 46 rolls a year. So why toilet paper made from fresh fibers is a grab for the toilet? Because this - in contrast to recycled paper - consists of valuable and laboriously obtained and processed fibers. Once rinsed, it is lost forever in the raw materials cycle. In addition, the production of toilet paper from recycled materials requires up to 70% less water and 60% less energy. In addition, it reduces CO2 emissions that would result from the processing and transport of the wood. It is therefore much more relaxed for the environment and conscience to use the “Blue Angel” certified waste paper variant, such as Goldeimer toilet paper . 


"Water out when brushing your teeth!". "Yes Mama". Everyone knows, right? “Take away the tube when brushing your teeth”, on the other hand, is still quite new. And it makes perfect sense, since we Germans use around 450 tubes of toothpaste in our lives. Finally an area where it makes sense to switch to small, white pills. According to tests, so-called toothpaste tablets not only perform just as well as their liquid counterparts, they also impress with their sustainable packaging. Looking for a good source? No problem, we have prepared something unselfishly: our All Natural Mint Tooth Tabs ;) 

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