6 eco-friendly christmas gifts

Sustainable gift ideas belong under every well-stocked Christmas tree these days. Here you will find 6 finds curated by us for a greener Christmas Eve.

The glass is always greener. 

An effective way to save plastic? Drink tap water! That protects the environment and your wallet. The best: Refillable glass bottles for on the go are now available in all your favorite colors.   

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How to walk green in a dirty world. 

Maximum quality with a minimum ecological footprint: Our friends from ekn footwear produce sneakers that not only look great, but are also 100% fair and ecological. 

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Bye-bye, fast fashion! 

Minimalist eco-fashion made in Hamburg: The northern lights JAN 'N JUNE rely on reduced, clear design and fair production. 

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Sweet as honey. 

Perfect for anyone who loves honey and is actively involved in preventing bee deaths: the bee box can be easily installed on the balcony and only needs about 20 hours of attention a year to beekeeper 15 kg of honey. 

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 Do it for the love. 

Vegan, eco, fair: An annual subscription to Einhorn condoms is not only fun - in addition, 50% of the profits are donated to social projects. 

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Buy one, donate one. 

Not only loved ones are happy about our limited Do Good Kit, but also school children of our GOOD WATER PROJECTS in Madagascar. On-site hygiene training is supported with our care products to prevent diseases caused by polluted water. Therefore, the recipient receives one soap, while the second is donated to Madagascar.

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