Black Friday vs. Fridays for Future

This Friday is Black Friday. “Black Friday” has its origins in America in the 1930s. Following the traditional "Thanksgiving" celebration at the end of November, he marked the official start of the Christmas business - to shop for inexpensive gifts with a leg of turkey in hand. In the USA, it is now considered the day of the year with the highest sales, when retailers outbid each other with bargains and special offers. Since 2006, the crowds have been swarming through the German shopping streets on this day and letting the servers run hot nationwide.


Don't get us wrong. As a young company, we are of course dependent on sales. Otherwise we would not be able to pay our team, advance our sustainable product developments and finance donations for our GOOD WATER PROJECTS initiative. For us, not using Black Friday as a sales promotion means a certain risk. And yet, we think that consumption on said day has been taken a bit to the extreme of perversion in recent years. 

This Black Friday 2019 is different. Because at the same time as the largest shopping event in the world, the organization Fridays for Future is calling for the 4th global climate strike - and suddenly November 29th is no longer solely about consumption, but about our future. On behalf of the entire team, we will therefore once again join the Hamburg Fridays for Future organization and stop our work on this day. The focus of the #NeustartKlima demonstration trains this time is the decision of the grand coalition to say goodbye to the 1.5 degree target. On the other hand, we will take to the streets in Hamburg. 

At the same time, we made a conscious decision not to participate in Black Friday's so-called "price dumping" - and thus also position ourselves very clearly against discount campaigns that aim to promote mass consumption on this day. And yet we will not close our online shop on Black Friday. Because we see you, our customers, as enlightened, independent and emancipated beings who should decide for themselves whether they want to consume on this day or not. We therefore consider a ban to be just as pointless as a price war. Anyone who buys our natural cosmetics will automatically become part of our water protection projects in Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya and Europe with 1% of their product purchase on this day - just like on every other day of the year. And thus automatically does good. We would like to leave it up to you to decide whether and when you buy from us. 


Nevertheless, we would like to use our voice at this point to campaign for the global climate demonstration. After all, who knows how many Black Fridays we will have if we don't stand up for climate protection now. Yes, that may sound exaggerated. And maybe even a little too pathetic. But it is our conviction to give our time to this cause on this day - a democratic decision that we stand behind 100%. 

So buy or don't buy. Consume or don't consume. Demonstrate or don't demonstrate. Make your decisions independently, consciously and freely. And use your votes to make yourself strong for your future. 

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