I'm dreaming of a green Christmas!

We celebrate Advent: first one, then two, then three, then four... four things that can and should disappear from your bathroom before Christmas. Why? To start a fresh and sustainable new year particularly tidily.

1st Advent: utensils - tooth brush, shaver and Q-Tips

Nowhere else do so many plastic utensils belong to everyday use as naturally as in our bathroom. The toothbrush, the razor, the cotton buds - all made of plastic. Does it have to be that way? Nope, not. So we celebrate the first Advent by simply treating ourselves to something good: a toothbrush and cotton swabs made from fast-growing bamboo, for example. Or a razor made of wood – it also looks pretty classy… Or something very special: organic dental floss made from pure silk and beeswax instead of plastic or nylon. In short: plastic out, green in. 

2nd Advent: microplastics – it's the little things that cause big problems

Speaking of plastic: Yes, the idea that there could be small particles in our care products is and remains disgusting. Because conventional scrubs, shower gels and shampoos or even deodorant, lip gloss and powder often contain microplastics. And that's not only bad for us, it's also a major problem for the health of our world's oceans. That's why you should avoid the nasty little plastic particles wherever possible. Unfortunately, the ingredients never simply say "microplastic", but cryptic terms such as "polyethylene" or "acrylate crosspolymer". So let's treat ourselves to 100% natural body care products for the 2nd Advent - because they are guaranteed to come without any unwanted plastic toppings. And by the way: Fancy a different kind of Christmas baking? Then simply grab a mixing bowl and mix your own peeling with a base of coconut oil and brown sugar or coffee grounds - guaranteed microplastic-free! 

3rd Advent: plastic packaging – care for the appearance!

It's not just the inner values ​​that count - the packaging also counts. Every year, the beauty industry produces around 120 billion plastic packaging worldwide. Yes, you read that right – billions… that's somehow too many zeros. Hence our suggestions: waterless cosmetics that can be packaged without plastic, or refill solutions that can save up to 60-80% on plastic. Because that not only protects the environment, but usually also your wallet! 

4th Advent: Cut the Crap!

In times of minimalism and reduction, many people ask themselves: what do I really need? Our answer: Actually not that much. Because the daily beauty routine is not only more sustainable, but also more effective, the more targeted it is. The skin does not need the whole range of facial toner, serum and cream to mask every day. A few essential products often care for the skin much better and leave it in its natural balance. We explain to you here to what extent the skin can also be "over-cared for" . And the same actually applies to hair: a rich and caring shampoo is better than the whole range of shampoo, conditioner, care and artificial hair oil. So out with the artificial stuff. And, let's be honest, everything you need for a regular hair treatment can actually be found in your own kitchen. For example, olive oil with a little honey is very rich in care. And the hair gets an enchanting wow shine with a mix of yoghurt with egg yolk and almond oil. So if you're still baking Christmas cookies on the fourth Sunday in Advent - don't put everything in the dough!

Copyright: Christian Hasselbusch  

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