Inspired by water

This week's inspiration: Water. We have put together the best and most inspiring articles on the subject of water and sustainability for you:

Outside the box. Inside the bubble. 

Innovation has no form: the London start-up Skipping Rocks Lab is developing drinkable water balls made from algae extract - and is declaring war on conventional drinking water bottles. A revolution in the beverage market? 

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A path. A trail. No footprint. 

Humans want nothing more than to leave their mark. Maybe we should reconsider some of them better? Namely the ones we'd rather blur. With daily water consumption, for example. Or when buying consumer goods. A self-experiment. 

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Every Last Drop Counts 

Life is a river, as the saying goes. The right balance, in turn, prevents excess. The interactive website of the London organization Waterwise shows how quickly this can occur, especially with water consumption. 

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Water, Women's Rights and Gender Equality 

"Let your husband die - but the pot of earthly water must not be broken," says an Indian proverb. In fact, water shortages have dramatic effects, especially for women in poorer areas. While girls and women walk miles and miles to bring water to their families, boys go to school. A look at a rarely discussed inequality of opportunity. 

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Save Money, My Friend 

Sustainability is not only good for the environment, but above all for your own wallet. For example, using less hot water saves energy. And has more in the account at the end of the month. These small changes make a big difference. 

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