Sustainable travel - Interview with Jana Kaspar

Climate activist, vegan and vlogger - Jana Kaspar alias @janaklar takes her community with her every day on her journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. In our interview, the Viennese tells us which famous personality she would like to travel with, which her most sustainable travel destinations are and why piece products should not be missing in her travel case.


Name : Jana Kaspar
Real age : 24
Perceived age: physically 15, mentally 60
Bucket list destination: Any federal state in Austria
Favorite band: AnnenMayKantereit
Zodiac sign: Cancer 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

For me, sustainability primarily means reducing consumption and focusing on products that are manufactured in a resource-saving manner and are of high quality. For me, sustainability also has a lot to do with appreciation and gratitude. 

Where will your next vacation take you? 

I've decided to travel more locally, if at all. I don't know so many cities in my home country yet. I want to change that. My next vacation will therefore very likely take place at a lake in Austria. 

Your ultimate tips for sustainable travel? 

Most of us now know how bad flying is for the environment. Traveling locally by public transport is therefore definitely a good thing. There are so many beautiful places in Europe that are perfectly accessible by train. I also recommend always bringing a water bottle with you. This can be filled again and again. Your own cutlery or food containers are also great for avoiding plastic waste on the way. Personally, I only use solid soaps, deodorants, etc. at home and when traveling to freshen up. This not only saves packaging waste, but is also super practical to carry in hand luggage. It is also always very important to me to leave the nature I look at as I found it. Please always take rubbish with you and dispose of it properly. 

 What does water mean to you? Do you also pay attention to your water footprint when you are out and about? 

Water is essential for us to survive. With a plant-based vegan diet, I also save a lot of water on the go. I also make sure not to shower forever and turn off the tap while brushing my teeth. 

What do you think of piece products for on the go? What tips do you have for packing them well (e.g. glass, Tupperware, etc.)? 

As already mentioned, I only use piece products when I am out and about and also at home. I just find them super useful. I can also simply cut off a piece for a trip. I like to take my soaps with me in a small aluminum can that I still had at home. 

What are your top 3 most sustainable travel destinations? 

Of course, that totally depends on where you are traveling from. Vienna is a great travel destination for me. There are many "bulk stores" and markets here. In general, I would simply pay attention to how I get to the desired place and how the transport, markets and shops are there. 

Your 3 ultimate desert island must-haves? 

Drinking water, plenty of food and a phone to call for help :D 

Which celebrity would you like to vacation with? And where? 

To be honest with none. I prefer to go on vacation with people I know and with whom I get along well.  

Are there any special platforms or channels you use to find out more about sustainable travel? 

On Instagram I like to follow travel: @zweidieresien @rebeccachelbea 

Zero-waste travel - does it even work? 

I have never managed to be completely zero-waste before. Receipts alone would spoil the tour for me. In my opinion, it's not about putting every gram of rubbish on the gold scales, but simply trying to have fun with what you can't easily avoid. Anyone who forbids something completely quickly loses interest in it. 


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