Self-care: 5 reasons why it's also good for men

In times like these, more important than ever: self-care! However, so-called self-care is, yes really, still a “women’s thing” – because have you ever noticed that most of the advertisements for bubble baths, face masks or meditation apps are women? Actually weird, isn't it? We know five good reasons why self-care is also good for men and why it is high time to break with old gender clichés.

1. Self-care is healthy

The most important reason: health! Because although the topic of gender medicine is on everyone's lips and diseases that only affect men have been researched more closely, men's health is still not taken seriously enough. Ask your circle of friends when your buddies last saw the urologist.

In any case, an appointment for preventive care is worthwhile, because that sounds harsh: It has actually been statistically proven that men have a lower life expectancy than women. To be more precise, it is about five years: women live on average about 83.3 years, men about 78.5 years. The health risks and possible diseases are different for men and women - and these differences must be given special consideration in health care and promotion as well as prevention, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

However, the Federal Center for Health Education knows that men are usually less health-conscious than women in everyday life. For example, they rarely take advantage of health promotion offers. But why is that so? It is still not as natural for men to have their testicles, prostate and the like checked regularly as it is for women to go to the gynaecologist. The Federal Center for Health Education recommends

  • from 35 years: skin cancer prevention and regular skin check-ups
  • from the age of 45: annual palpation of the prostate and genitals for the early detection of urological cancers such as testicular cancer or prostate cancer
  • from the age of 50: annual examination for blood in the stool for early detection of colon cancer or two large colonoscopies at least 10 years apart

In addition, men between the ages of 18 and 34 can have a comprehensive health check-up once and every three years from the age of 35. This is used, for example, for the early detection of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and kidney diseases. If a disease is recognized in good time, its course can often be positively influenced.

The responsible health insurance company also knows which check-ups are recommended. And the same applies to men: a healthy diet and plenty of exercise are not just for fitness freaks, but a good basis for all of us. This is of course easier said than done. But jogging through the park after work with a sports buddy can also be a lot of fun.

2. Selfcare looks different for everyone

A short workout, a relaxing bath, a round of meditation, binging on your favorite series, ordering pizza or cooking something delicious, masturbation, good sex or just being lazy: self-care comes in many forms. For some, the time for yourself means above all relaxation, others use it to really work out. There is a right self-care routine for everyone! And if you can't turn your head off properly, just try it out a little. Maybe a new hobby is the key to proper self-care, or just a good chat with your best friend.

3. Mental health is everyone's business

Of course, mental health also belongs to the subject of health: However, social pressure is often to blame for the fact that men pay far too little attention to their mental life. Sure, after all they are considered the “stronger sex” – many still have to learn that this is nonsense and that everyone can be equally strong or weak. Rethinking is announced. It is good for all of us to talk to someone regularly about our worries and fears. This is balm for the soul and can not only untie many knots in the head, but even save lives.

According to the Federal Center for Health Education, men in Germany are less likely to be diagnosed with stress or depression than women. In fact, around three quarters of all completed suicides are committed by men. Pretty frightening, but almost one in 50 deaths of a man is suicide. Possible causes: pressure to perform, stress and social crises that remain untreated.

Even if the stigma is unfortunately still very strong, it is always worth seeking professional psychological help. This applies to mild symptoms as well as to acute cases. However, finding a therapy place is not always easy. If you don't have the opportunity to seek psychotherapy at the moment or are just looking for some relaxation in everyday life, meditation apps are a good way to switch off in between.

4. Gender stereotypes are a thing of the past

One thing is very clear: we are all allowed to feel beautiful, no matter what gender we identify ourselves with. Because above all cosmetics and care are much more than classic "women's issues". It is high time that these entrenched gender roles were broken. Taking time for yourself can be so beneficial, even if it's just 10 minutes in the morning or before bed. How about, for example, a little facial massage with your favorite face cream or a few strokes with a nourishing body lotion?

5. Selfcare can also be gifted to men

Our products are all unisex and can therefore be used equally well by everyone. And they are also great as a gift, for example for Father's Day. Because let's be honest: Why do we actually give mum flowers and body butter every year, but not dad? Fathers also deserve only the best and will certainly be happy about a bouquet of tulips or unisex natural cosmetics without frills.

Text by: Lena Benzrath

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