Phew... Had a stressful week too? Or just frustrated by the constant rain in the cold season? We feel you! A day at the spa would be just the thing right now. The feeling of complete relaxation, the scent of essential oils and being pampered properly. With our natural cosmetic products, this is also very easy to do at home. In just a few steps you can bring that luxury hotel feeling home and transform your four walls into a wellness oasis. The special thing about it: With our products, which are full of ingredients of purely natural origin, you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment. So you can follow our mission and at the same time treat yourself to a sustainable home spa break. Sounds good? Then let's get started. 


As with so many things in life, preparation is key here, because with the right mood, relaxing and letting go is much easier. So create your own feel-good atmosphere. Everything is possible, nothing has to be - everyone decides for themselves. For example, light a scented candle or spray a room fragrance. Pop the wine corks or prepare yourself a superfood juice with kale and parsley - and don't forget to have your fluffy bathrobe ready for that extra five-star hotel touch! In order to get the cardiovascular system going and stimulate the lymphatic system, we recommend starting with "dry brushing", i.e. brushing the skin dry. This saves water and supports the skin and immune system. A meditation or short yoga session afterwards can help calm the mind. Just a few minutes have been proven to reduce the stress level. So use the time as a reminder to conserve your own resources and to accept yourself as valuable. A little tip: the me-time can be enjoyed much better offline. Share the bubble bath on Instagram? Thanks! And whether it's relaxing water sounds, soothing Zen music or your favorite song - your playlist for relaxing should not be missing. 


Check e-mails
Make a phone call
turn on the TV
social media 


Blow-drying, straightening, combing and spraying - negative environmental influences and stress are also noticeable in our hair. Hair loss, dry ends and dandruff can be the result. Reason enough to give our mane a break and a perfect start for the spa routine. For example with our Wat erless Shampoo Bar . Thanks to the mild surfactant base, hair and skin are cleaned particularly gently. The contained broccoli and jojoba oils provide an extra portion of care and shine and thus prevent dehydration. The application is very easy: moisten between your hands and give your scalp a little massage. And don't forget to save water! After washing out, we recommend letting the Waterless Conditioner Bar with organic argan oil and mango butter glide over the hair. For an extra moisture boost, the conditioner bar can also be cut into small pieces, dissolved in boiling water and used as a liquid hair treatment. Goodbye split ends! Incidentally, the hair is particularly happy about brushes with natural bristles. They are not only a sustainable alternative, but also make the lengths shine and prevent static charging. 

A lot of foam helps a lot? Incorrect! Only one or two pump strokes of the Orange Wild Herbs Shower Gel are needed to properly cleanse the skin . The scent of oranges and lemon balm stimulates the skin's own activity and catapults us mentally to orange fields in Sicily - oh wanderlust! And before our rich body butter provides skin like a baby's bottom, dead skin cells can first be sloughed off with our DIY peeling. Simply mix two tablespoons of our body oil with one tablespoon of sugar. The organic oils contained provide long-lasting care, the sugar helps to shed old skin cells. Now just take a short cold shower to stimulate blood circulation. 

Hold your face under the shower spray
Too hot water
Wash your hair daily
Soap the body all over
Shower too long 



Wrapped up in a fluffy bathrobe, you can continue with your facial care. But before serums and creams make their big appearance, the face should first be thoroughly cleaned. This not only prevents clogging of the pores, but also increases the absorption capacity of the skin. To do this, foam up the All Natural Face Cleansing Bar with a little water, gently massage into damp skin and wash off. Then there is an extra portion of glow with the All Natural Detox Face Mask . A little tip: simply apply the mask with a brush. And? Feels like a hotel, doesn't it? And while the face mask with green mineral earth, kale and parsley herb extract works, it's time to put your feet up! Curl up on the couch with a book or take a look at Step 4. After about 15 minutes, remove the mask with a damp washcloth to save water. Then care for the skin with one of our wonderfully scented, moisturizing and revitalizing creams - in addition to hyaluronic acids, they contain mild organic oils as well as organic shea and organic cocoa butter and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. For dry skin and in winter, simply use the All Natural Rich Face Cream or for normal skin and in the summer, use the All Natural Light Face Cream . When applying the cream you can start directly with a short facial massage. 



Pillowcase made from natural materials
Apply All Natural Rich Face Cream thickly and use as a moisturizing mask overnight
Lip scrub: Mix our lip balm with sugar
The neck and décolleté also look forward to cream



They type, write, snip and work hard for us every day - our hands are little superheroes. And now let's get straight to the heart of one of them: how often do we give them the attention they actually deserve? Exactly, far too rare! Our hands are exposed to many stimuli. In addition, their thin skin is particularly sensitive and has hardly any sebaceous glands or fatty tissue. Frequent hand washing and disinfecting can therefore quickly make them rough and cracked. Therefore, our paws should also get a little special treatment at a proper home spa. The Lemon Honey Hand Kit comes at the right time. First wash thoroughly, then apply lotion. The yummy citrus scent ensures summer feelings. For the "like-in-a-hotel-experience" you should treat yourself to a small massage afterwards, which stimulates blood circulation. And because we can all use a few mood boosters during the cold season, colorful nail polish is the go-to tool. Our favorites for nails that put you in a good mood: the plant-based colors from Gitti and Manucurist. Full plant power ahead! 



Wash hands with lukewarm water 
Wear reusable gloves when cleaning or gardening 
Cream hands before bed 
Use natural nail oils 
Exfoliate regularly: use the pomace from your morning coffee. Simply mix with coconut oil to form a paste 



Most gorgeous! Two days around and there is already a renewed need for relaxation? No problem, because like a good song that is buzzing around in our heads, we should (at least imaginarily) press repeat again and again when it comes to wellness. Therefore, treat yourself to regular short breaks or integrate a few rituals into your everyday life with our Home Spa Starter Kits . As well as having a beneficial effect on the body, mind and environment, this automatically increases the anticipation of long wellness weekends in the most beautiful hotels in the world. 


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