Yes, we strike!


Yes, we are on strike. And together with many social businesses, friends and acquaintances, they will be laying down work on Friday, September 20th. We are following the call of Fridays for Future, the global climate protection movement, which calls on all generations worldwide to take to the streets together. Because this Friday, the climate cabinet will meet in Berlin and discuss the German strategy for global temperature rise - all shortly before the global UN climate summit in New York. 


The influence we humans have on biological, geological and atmospheric processes has continued to increase over the past millennia. Regardless of whether it is through coal mining, the extraction of oil and natural gas or through the deforestation of the rainforests - with our actions we humans contribute our part to the increasing global emissions and the associated global warming. A number that plays a major role: 1.5° Celsius. According to climatologists, the most dangerous and irreversible effects of climate change can only be avoided if this temperature increase is not exceeded. How do we avoid this "point of no return"? Only together, by rethinking and changing our consumer behavior - and by using our voice to get politics and business to rethink. 


It took a single student from Sweden to get the ball rolling. Greta Thunberg decided on August 20, 2018, instead of going to school, to strike in front of the Swedish parliament against the lack of action on climate change. Their demonstration inspired thousands of schoolchildren worldwide to take to the streets for the climate - and thus increase the pressure on politics and business. The specific goal: overcoming the climate crisis and fully implementing the Paris climate agreement, including limiting global warming to 1.5° Celsius. 


So one thing is certain: we have a problem. One where it takes all of our efforts to get things moving. We at STOP THE WATER WHILE USING MIE! do that by joining those great initiatives like Fridays for Future or Entrepreneurs for Future – small and big movements that want to make a difference. From Koawach and Lemonaid to our friends from HYDROPHIL , einhorn and Soulbottles to the amazing Thekla Wilkening from STAY AWHILE - we will all be stepping down from work on September 20th to hit the streets together. And since we can't completely close our online shop for technical reasons, we will donate all proceeds from that day to the organization Fridays for Future Hamburg. 


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We hope that as many of our friends as possible will join us in the demonstrations. You can take to the streets almost anywhere - just look for the right organizations in your immediate area . For the first 10 of you who want to take to the streets with us in Hamburg, we have prepared the right Quote T-shirts. Just send us an email to or get in touch on Instagram via @stopthewater - and let's change the world together. On this Friday. And every day after that. 


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