• biodegradable

  • 100% natural

  • no animal testing

  • no petro-chemicals

  • climate neutralized*

    *through certified climate protection projects


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Our new 500ml refill bags are the practical refill solution for at home. You not only save a lot of waste , but also contribute to the protection of resources and our bodies of water . In order to ensure single-material packaging and thus the best possible recycling , we have decided against using a screw cap . Simply cut open and refill!

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our mission

Water is the source of all life. That's why we want to save, protect and donate our precious resource. Our lovingly designed products are your daily reminder to use our valuable resource carefully. Its 100% biodegradable and nature-based ingredients protect your skin and do not harm the environment or the water cycle. With our specially founded initiative GOOD WATER PROJECTS, we are committed to water protection and the fair distribution of our resource worldwide. Every purchase supports a drinking water project. Learn more.